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Goodies By Anna

Nancy!!!! So great to hear from you!! You have to go with tea us soon!!



You and Dad have BESTED yourselves. This, by far, is my favorite. Bravo

Goodies By Anna

Sorry no template is available for this house. There is a template available for the 2011 house.


This house is the most amazing house i've ever seen, of course if I try to make it myself, it won't turn out like yours. I would still love to have the template of this house. Do you have a template of the outside? If you do could you please send it to me.

Goodies By Anna

Wow! Thanks For your kind comments and good luck with your gingerbread house!
Merry Christmas :-)


No words..... it's AMAZING!!!!!!!! Congratulation for these awesome job... this year i'm going to do my first Gingerbread house, here in Spain is not usually to do... so i want to try it... obviously my gingerbread house is going to be more simple... Buy you and your father are a great inspiration :D :D Merry Chrismas :)

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