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WHERE IS THE RECIPE?????????????



Goodies By Anna

paul, the link to the recipe is located in the post.

To: asarpieri@hotmail.com


The link to the recipe is in the post.


No recipe

Goodies By Anna

hi diane- i didnt flatten the dough... they spread a lot in the oven. good luck!

To: asarpieri@hotmail.com


Did you flatten your cookies before baking them? The recipe on the box says to do this. I'm hoping it's not necessary. Can't wait to try this recipe!!


I had this recipe in an old book of my mothers that got lost in the last move. I'm so glad you posted it

Goodies By Anna

So glad you like them! Happy Holidays!

To: asarpieri@hotmail.com

Ana Luisa

LOVE this recipe. Have made it several times and they are SOOO crunchy, just like I like my cookies to be!!!Tthank you so much for sharing. Also, I should say that they keep their crunch for a very long time!

Goodies By Anna

Youre very welcome!

To: asarpieri@hotmail.com

Kate @The Semisweet Sisters

Those cookies look good! I love baking with potato starch, just wish more stores sold it, its hard to find. Thanks for sharing!

Goodies By Anna

chocolate chips sound like a good addition!

To: asarpieri@hotmail.com


My grandmother (Swedish)use to make a cookie just like this only added 3-4 chocolate chips. That was her version of a chocolate chip cookie. The cookie was so good I didn't care that the chips were limited

bakery recipes

Cookies are lovely!So crispy! Your experience with making these cookies will be very helpful for us...will keep in mind all tips given by you in this post and what you followed while making them!

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