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can you please send me this template.


Can I have the template

Goodies By Anna

the link to the template is in the post

To: asarpieri@hotmail.com


I love the house can you send me the template?Please!!!!!

teri pastorino

do you sell or make available any of the templates for the houses? i am tired of the one we do every year and instead of three want to make just one (kids usually each make a small one of their own). i realize making a template is a lot of work, but i have NO idea how to go about it. and well, now Christmas is a couple days away! LOL



Hi katie,
the 6th photo down shows where to cut the hole so that the light will shine thru the turret windows. thanks


hi i would love to make this ..i would like to know the measurements and the recipe you used..


If you're making this house and lighting it from the inside, you'll need to make extra cuts in the front wall and front main roof to allow the light to reach those windows.


I love all the goodies you post on your blog.
Especially your gingerbread. Just incredible. I wanted to try and make this gingerbread house, but I just wondered how you made it stick together, What did you use.
BTW I love your blog.

Bonnie J Kr5udis

Can I purchase a kit to make Gingerbread House like I found once in 2011? I cannot find the kit offered anywhere this year....thanks! bkrudis@hotnmail.com

Goodies By Anna


i think this is close... if you google Wrought Iron Fence Graphic and look under images you will get to ton of choices! Good Luck!

To: asarpieri@hotmail.com


Could you send me the template of the iron railings?
This House looks amazing!



Hi lily,
here is the recipe:

good luck with ur house!

lily griffith

me and a friend are re makeing your house with some of our own tweeks for a school project. we are in 8th grade and wanted to know where you got your recipe because other recipes we have seen seem to get burnt or dont look very good.


Wow, this is impressing! But where did you get the ironwork template? I couldn't find it on the Haunted Dimensions website. Could you send me one to my e-mail address? (valebob95@hotmail.it) If you don't mind, of course. Thank you.

Goodies By Anna

Thanks for the kind comments on the Gingerbread House! Last year I tried to upload a pic to the Haunted Dimensions website but I couldnt seem to get it to work!

To: asarpieri@hotmail.com


Ooh, so pretty! You should send this in to the Haunted Dimensions website! I'm sure he'd love to put it up in the gallery there. I'd love to see it there. :D

Goodies By Anna

I dont remember what size I printed the template... I think I made it larger than 100% though...

To: asarpieri@hotmail.com


Hi :) What size did you print the templet on? A4?


Actually found somthing similar before you posted!! Can't wait to see what you've come up with this year! Wish I was talented enough to create on my own, but I will settle for having a great time trying to re-create other peoples fabulous designs :) Happy holidays to you!

Goodies By Anna

Hi shawn, i just googled wrought iron fence graphic and a whole bunch of ideas came up. I picked one and adjusted it on the computer to fit my house scale and then loosely followed the template to make the fence with icing. I will post my 2012 Gingerbread House on the blog tonight or tommoro! Check it out!

To: asarpieri@hotmail.com


Love this! Where did you find the template for the fencing? I have looked all over and by far this is the nicest!!

Goodies By Anna

good luck and have fun! Tuesday or Wednesday I will be posting this years Gingerbread House!

To: asarpieri@hotmail.com


Love this! You have a great eye for details! I like how you use the royal icing in lots of ways! My kids and I are attempting this, this year :0 Wish us luck!!!

Goodies By Anna

the link is in the post

To: asarpieri@hotmail.com

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