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It looks wonderful can't wait till I make it. Thanks for all the tips

 এ tt এ

Simply Awesome!!
Your step by step instructions were easy for a baking beginner and kitchenphobic like me. The result was perfectly delicious and a big hit even with my amazing-in- the-kitchen Italian mother-in-law! I am a marginal cook and have never been much of a baker but this recipe got me hooked {now I’m baking everything I can, even cookies for my dogs ;) }. I have made this cake 5 times now, with and without the glaze, and even converted it using fresh peaches - and it disappears lightening fast every time. Thank you for posting!


I've made this cake 4 times now and it's great each time. It's very good without the simple syrup and the glaze. I did glazed it once but cut back on the lemon juice-it was great! Thanks for the recipe.


Can this be done GF?


I made this cake and it turned out great! However, when I make it again I'm going to omit the simple syrup. It was too lemony! I couldn't enjoy the cake, because the lemon was overbearing!


Hi, thanks, it looks delicious! !! Is it possible to get the recipe with the ingredients in grams?
Instead of cups?
Thank you

angelica vargas

TOO MANY LEMONS !!! whole cake taste like biting into a lemon


I copied and pasted the directions into a word doc. and now have a printable recipe. Haven't tried the recipe yet, but it looks delicious.

Becca Hill

A printable recipe would be marvelous!!!

It looks delicious and I want to make it but need a printed recipe.

Thanks, Becca

Goodies By Anna

Sounds great!

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I'm going to try making this cake and add fresh blueberries.


I made this cake yesterday and it turned out perfect. It was moist and soft and most of all delicious. I would definitely recommend this recipe. You'll love it.


I would also like a printer friendly version. Thanks

Mon McGinn

Do you have a printer friendly version of the lemon sour cream pound cake?


I'm going to add this on my list of desserts. This look very delicious and I love to bake😊😊

Goodies By Anna

hi kelly
so glad you enjoyed the cake recipe!


OMG!!! I made this recipe and I got the best compliments ever! My M.I.L. whose a self proclaimed wonder chef not only asked for another slice, but raved about how moist and delicious this recipe was and asked me to send it to her. Thank you this has made my summer! Btw, the cake was gone in a day!


I love this cake. I like everything lemon and tart

Goodies By Anna

You are very welcome! Thanks for letting me know!

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This is best cake ever, very moist. I have made this several times upon request. Thank you for the recipe.


You very good

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