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Goodies By Anna

Hi denis, there is no available template for that hose but if you look up my 2011 gingerbread hose there is a link to the template in the post. Good luck!

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Hello Hello,

I'm am trying to find a template for this gingerbread house I really want to try my hand at making it. If anyone can help locate the template Gingerbread House 2010 I would be very grateful. Thank you

Goodies By Anna

sorry no template for that gingerbread house. however, there is a printable template for this gingerbreadhouse:


Gingerbread House - 2011


Im kicking off this holiday season with a festive gingerbread house! Each year I try to make my gingerbread house a little more elaborate and difficult that the year before, this years gingerbread house took a week to complete! There are so many pieces that
need to be carefully readjusted...


Hi Anna!
I can't for the life of me find your template for this house! Do you still have it online? I would love to try making this one!
Kind regards,

Goodies By Anna

pdf for template is right in link at the bottom of the page.... says template pdf in huge letters....

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Hi I tried following the link you posted in the comments but I'm really struggling to find the template for this?

Goodies By Anna

hi alex,
the 2010 house was a modification of the house I built in 2009 and is a custom template.

If you look at my house for 2011 you can use the below link to a template to build this house:

2011 HOUSE:


good luck and happy house building!!

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Alex Castellanos

Hi i really like your house i would like to know how you made this im a students a Bell Gardens Highs and we are making gingerbread house for an event that where having i would like to know if you can tell me how you did this awesome house Thanks you

Goodies By Anna

For the 2010 house I think I used a petal tip. For all the newer houses i just used a round tip. To make icicles you will basically just squeeze, pull down, stop squeezing and pull away.

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Wow, it's gorgeous! I'm almost done with my gingerbread house and I want to finish it off with the snow and icicles. How do you make these with royal icing? (What tip did you use?)

Goodies By Anna

Hi Laura,
my dad made the template for me. its actually a modified version of the previous years gingerbread house.

thanks so much for the compliment and good luck with your gingerbread house!

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I'm absolutely in love with things gingerbread house. Is there anywhere I can find a template for this gorgeous piece?

Goodies By Anna

thank you! be sure to check out this years gingerbread house!

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Amelia Fowler

I LOVE this!


what are the deminsions

Goodies By Anna

You can find all the info on how to make the gingerbread houses here: http://goodiesbyanna.typepad.com/blog/2009/12/gingerbread-house-how-tos.html
The icing is called Royal Icing and is a combination of meringue powder, water and powdered sugar. This icing can be made very thick and is used to glue the house together as well as the decorations. Good Luck!

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Amazing! I make lots of gingerbread, never made my own house before though, this has given me the kick up the bum i need to make one! Is the white icing just icing sugar and water? anyway of getting it thicker?

Goodies By Anna

Thanks Cindy! This was my third gingerbread house so a lot of the building kinks got worked out this time...cant wait to come up with one for next year, my dad is a great gingerbread architect!

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cindy harris

Wow! Amazing.

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