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Mary Dawson

[this is good]


and I seriously only have about 4 sq ft of it in my current kitchen. that's the real reason that I never cook.


[this is good] Spike- LOL! I just don't take pics of the finger-licking part! Hey, you gotta taste everything to make sure its okay, right?? :-)


[this is good] Roboco- glad you like the recipes! Thanks!


[this is good] Scooter Kitty- Drool is good! Thanks!


LeendaDLL- counter space - you can never have enough!


[this is good] Thanks Vanessa!


Your recommended techniques, while quite sound and sanitary, seem to leave little opportunity for the chef getting to lick his/her fingers clean up to the elbows. And this could not have been posted at a better time. I have a produce bin full of lemons.


these look beautiful! i love the recipes and photos you post ... many of them i'm able to convert to non-dairy status, which is good news for me!

Scooter Kitty

[this is good] whoopie pies are the best! This looks amazing and delicious! I might have drooled a little bit...


[this is good] YUUUM!!!too bad my first step would need to be "remodel kitchen so you have some counter space to work"

Vanessa Trenche

sounds Good !!!

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