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Goodies By Anna

thanks for letting me know michelle!

To: asarpieri@hotmail.com


I saw one of these pictures on someone else's site--looks like she's taking credit for your work:


meru: you will love these! let me know how they turn out for you!


[this is good] EternallyFabulous: Thanks! If you like eating cookie dough you will LOVE these! I think making them into little cocktail sizes would be cute! How about chopped wasabi almonds in the dough and crushed wasabi peas wasabi almonds on the dipped chocolate for a little spicy touch??


[this is good] Looks delicious Anna, and I lvoe the fact you don't have to bake them. Maybe if I make them I will makethem slightly smaller anduse cocktail sticks instead of forks though - that way they would be great party food.

Scooter Kitty

[this is good]


[this is good] Definitely gonna try this! I LOVE COOKIE DOUGH 3

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