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Goodies By Anna

Im afraid the only available template is for the 2011 house

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Is there a template for this one ?? Help


Hi LeendaDLL! We don't eat the gingerbread house, its been sitting out in the open since the first week of December, I think it might be a little stale and dusty... the tradition is that we usually just break it up and throw into the compost pile out back, I think the squirrels enjoy it though!

Country By Design

[this is good] Wow! I've never seen a two story gingerbread house before. Amazing!


[this is good] Wow, that is amazing!


i totally agree... the original was really pretty but the update is super uber pretty!!do you actually eat them? if so, is there a ritual or tradition to it? if not, what do you do with them?


Thanks Katiebell!


just surfing about Vox and saw this. Your House is so nice! It's very classic! I love the decorative icing. I'm not very talented with stuff like this, so I really love seeing yours.

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