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[this is good] Hi HapaLove- most of the things were made over a period of a few weeks: i made the mini-biscotti when my dad was making his biscotti for Christmas gifts, just took some of the dough and baked 'em while he was baking. The brittle was made well in advance and used for gifts, the Ginger Cardamom Cookies were used in gift baskets so I made tiny ones for Christmas using a melon-baller....the rum balls were used in gift baskets so I just made a few extra for Christmas dessert....the ones that took the most amount of time were the Chocolate Raspberry Tassies but I made those three days in advance! The mini lemon pies were made Christmas morning by crisping the phyllo cups in the oven, filling with a little lemon curd then I whipped up the meringue, piped and toasted it...used the left-over meringue to make the meringue cookies, super easy just pop in the oven...the other various cookies and bars were made in the weeks days before Christmas, most actually taste better when they've been sitting around for a while....just need a cool, dry place to store everything....


[this is good] Wow! How long did all that take to make?

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