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Mary Dawson



Thanks Faithy! My piping isnt that good, that's why i stick to easy designs :-)I agree, it is very time consuming but they look so cute afterward!


HapaLove: The cheap icing at the grocery store won't dry hard like royal icing. If you don't care that it won't dry hard you can make the grocery store icing more liquid like flood icing by heating it slightly, a little bit at a time, in the microwave. Instead of squeeze bottles, get a zip-lock baggie, fill it with your icing and cut a very small hole from one corner: voila! instant piping bag!


[this is good] So I'm lazy and don't really feel like buying a bunch of squeeze bottles and making the flood icing and the outline icing in each color. Do you know of a place that sells them? I've only ever seen the cheap icing at the store, but it's just one consistency.


[this is good] Awesome!!! You can decorate cookies so well! I find it's not easy decorating cookies! So much time effort!..and my piping is terrible! lol!

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