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Hi Eve!! I miss you guys too! I know you have something exciting going on... i can't wait to see what you're up to!! :-)


[this is good] Oh, Anna, I miss you!


Thanks Steffy!


[this is good] You do such great work! They look delish!


Wow..so creative! They look so delicious!!


Hi Ana Karin- you dont have to be good at piping!!! i poured melted chocolate bark into a plastic squeeze bottle and just squeezed out the head, arms and legs, they all kind of meld together! i melted up a little bit of white chocolate bark and made a tiny parchment triangle and used that to pipe on the details. It was really simple you could totally do it! i made myself a template of gingerbread men and placed a sheet of plastic over that and then piped on the plastic! I have more detailed instructions here: How to Pipe Chocolate


[this is good]

Ana Karin

[this is good] I think I will make these next... but I'm not good at piping, so I'll have to come up with some other cute topping.

Country By Design

What a clever idea! Bet they were delicious, too.

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