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OMG how good!

Donna Dee

[ci buono] Hey girlfriend,I can't believe you actually did the house! It looks fabulous! I shared it with the gals in the office, and they were amazed, said it was the prettiest one they've seen! Its very elegant and I love it all in white! Did you eat the spice drops and licorice or was it too old? Your dad amazes me, he should be named Mc Giver.Your BFF


LOL - seriously, those pieces look identical but are, what, 1/2" different in size? Just enough to escape visual notice.At least you went about redoing your structure. I'd have just built a crazy lopsided house... maybe broken a wall just for sport!


LeendaDLL- Thank you SO MUCH for letting me know that i'm not the only one!!! I felt like such a loser after i used the roof for walls! Ack!


ya know, they really ought to imprint ROOF on those pieces - a friend and I had a similar problem with a kit. Luckily, we figured it out before we'd put on much icing. Then we each decorating a side. It ended up looking like it was done by a schizophrenic 2 year old.... but that was the general outcome of most of our holiday craft sessions so we were proud of ourselves.Yours is BEEEAUTIFUL!


Beautiful! Your GH would so go with my Christmas theme. It came out so elegant, display it proudly.


Oh, it's gorgeous!


Oh, how lovely! I've always wanted to build one myself.

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