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Thanks Eve! You are a terrific tester! :-)


[this is good] The texture was so amazing -- Anna, you're totally right about store bought caramel wanting to tear out your teeth. This was so smooth! And, of course, yummy.


[this is good] I ALMOST bought some salted chocolate yesterday, but I really shouldn't spent money when I don't have any, so I refused myself the treat. :-(I miss having money to spend on dessert ingredients! Especially since I saw that at World Market last night, and I just wanted to buy all of the foreign chocolates and foods that even the foreign-specific markets around here don't carry!

Country By Design

[this is good] This sounds really good. If I get ambitious...


Super-yammy... as a matter of fact i have to take these to work so i don't eat them all myself! :-)


Hi Fish! Ya gotta dip your caramels in chocolate! I am no expert but this is how i did it: first i put my cut caramels on a silpat covered cookie sheet into the freezer. Then i melted my chocolate with a teaspoon veg. oil on a double boiler. Took the caramels out of the freezer and picked each on up by laying the square across a fork. Spooned the chocolate over the tops and sides and kinda dipped the bottom. Let the excess drip off then transferred the candy back to the cold silpat to set. I pushed the caramel off the fork with another fork so there were no finger prints. Then i dusted the tops with sea salt and popped them back into the freezer until completely cooled. When completely cooled, i wrapped them individually in waxed paper squares. I had some melted chocolate leftover so i make some caramel sauce, mixed in the leftover chocolate and added a few tablespoons of bourbon, so now i have some filling for up-coming cupcakes and sauce for ice cream! If you dip your caramels let me know how it goes!


[this is good] How delicious is it. Yammy?


[this is good] my FAVOURITE thing! mmmmm!


How did you go about dipping them? I love to make home made caramel, can't believe I didn't think of dipping them in chocolate.


[this is good] Oh, wow... delicious!!

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