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I always covet the little cupcake, petit fours, truffles, and other faboo treats in the little case at the pet food store. But they are SOOO expensive and probably only adorable if they are nibbled by a very small pooch (not a big guy like my Quincy). I did get a dog bone-shaped cookie cutter, though, years ago... hoping to make something for Quincy... but nothing has looked as good as these. THANK YOU, ANNA!


Magnolia enjoyed them. Thanks Anna!

Country By Design

I hope all your four legged friends think they are delicious.

Brown Suga'

[this is good] Awww! I bet the doggies will be delighted!


Yep, i admit it, i tasted one (so did my dad)! the biscuits are just kind of blah, no sugar and no salt so they taste kind of like crunchy wheat cookies... the carob, hmm... let me just say it is definitely NOT a chocolate substitue! LOL! It has kind of a slightly sweet saw-dusty flavor! The yogurt chips have sugar added so they were really sweet! All in all I probably wouldnt serve them to my two-legged friends, but i hope the 4-legged ones like 'em!

Artzy Lady

Wow, I'd try those myself! Woof woof!

Country By Design

Did you taste them? They look delicious!

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