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these look very professional!


I'm totally giving out cupcakes as wedding favours at my wedding. Haha. Thanks for the idea!


So make practice cakes! My boyfriend and I went to his brother's wedding in April, and they had a the bride's mom's friend or someone she knew do the wedding cake. Unfortunately the cake itself wasn't even, it wasn't chilled or anything so it was hard to put together, and he couldn't get the stand straight.She didn't leave instructions with the staff at the site to put the topper on last minute (the actual porcelain topper), and the cake COLLAPSED and fell over. Literally. On the floor. Luckily everyone was out watching the wedding itself, and no one saw; there was enough cake to give everyone a small rectangle of cake, but it was sad. They had a silly sheet cake for back-up. :-(But accidents happen. A cake really shouldn't ruin a wedding. I plan on doing LOTS of practice cakes and just bringing them to work, or to a friend's house, or family, or something. Be like, imagine this is Fred and Sally's wedding. You trying their cake. Do you like it? lol


i am scared to try a wedding cake! it just seems so important! like if i screwed it up i would be ruining someones wedding! ack, i've read different post by bakers talking about how they get to the wedding site and the cake falls apart! what do you do? run to Costo to buy one really quick!? i think i would have a anxiety attack! LOL!


Oh I definitely will! That sounds adorable!
I'm doing okay, getting over some serious allergies (I honestly think it's a sinus infection, but I don't have the insurance to go to the doctor to get meds and find out! :-( ), but I'm alright. Thank you for asking!! I hope you're doing well - you have to be to be making such adorable little wedding gifts.
I don't know if I mentioned in a comment before, but my goal and DREAM is to eventually make wedding cakes. :-D


hi redlygal,how are ya doing? aw, i WISH i had a cute little bakery! have you seen the posts on cupcakefetish.com? they traveled across the USA checking out all kinds of cupcake shops and have have pics of a little cupcake bakery in AnnArbor Mich called Cake Nouveau... this is the CUTEST little bakery! Kinda Alice in Wonderland looking... check it out!


Very pretty. So when's that bakery opening up!


You stole my words, lauowolf. Really nice.


This ooks really professional.And classy.

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