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Liana Castillo

[this is good] I,m very interesting to take some class or seminarys


Those are some incredible looking cookies!!!


OK, maybe I'm slow, but I just noticed the big difference between front of the dress and back of the dress. May I be so indelicate as to ask how you formed the bosoms? blush


[this is good] Those look amazing


[this is good] these are awesome! ^_^


[this is good] Too cute! I wish I had those for my bridal showers!


It's the [THIS IS GOOD] box that's on the Vox homepage and at the top of your Explore page. Every few days, it features new "neat things found on Vox." :)


Hi there!okay, i have no idea... what is the TIG page??


these are gorgeous! i'd totally take this class too. congrats on making the TIG page


Fabulous! They are worth the price with the skill and creativity that went into making them!


[this is good] Hee, I was so excited to see that my nomination made the TIG page ... and then I realized I made it, too! Yay for us! :)


I would definately wear the white one :) And eat the rest.


Thanks for all the kind comments! It took about 4 hours to decorate those 4 cookies! No kidding! And that was just the actual decorating part as they had already baked the cookies for us and the instructor was rolling out the fondant! I was watching the instructor and she had the process down pretty quick. She mentioned how she makes these to look like the brides actual dress for wedding favors...oh ya, and she charges $25 a cookie! :-)


[this is good] Oohh, these are pretty! My favorite is definitely the champagne dress. I think it's so gorgeous. I'd like to have little wedding dress cookies as wedding favors for my wedding - that's so cute!! And maybe little tux cookies, too. :-D


[this is good] These are FANTASTIC! My faves are the champagne wedding dress and the green back-of-dress. How long did it take to make the average cookie?
I wish there were fun classes like this where I live ...


These are beyond cute.


These are really inventive!

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