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I just found your blog + LOVE IT. Thanks so much for the recipe... I haven't baked in a few years now but you have completely inspired me to do it again!!


thanks for the kind comments and the terrific food website info! i'm going to have to post something there too! by the way i checkout out your blog: i am PC retarded, i can only use MAC! LOL!


[this is good] I love your photos and your decoration technique! I think I have found a kindred spirit in your cupcake pictures. Have you ever seen this site?http://www.opensourcefood.comYou should think about adding some of your recipes to it. I would definitely love to try some of them out. :)


hi misshalfway,thanks for your kind comments! i know what you mean about the diet! i try to pawn my stuff off on friends and family members so i dont eat too many...unfortunately i dont have any low cal recipes, but maybe someone else looking does?


all of your baked goodies look amazing! but i've just started my diet and... now i feel a tad bit sad that i can't have any sweets! any recipes out there for someone who is watching her calorie intake?


Awesome, thank you so much for the recipe link - I'll bookmark it to try in a few weeks.And you're welcome. I only commented a few times because I was leaving work. Chances are I'll come back through tomorrow and comment more, especially whenever you update.I like your photography as far as photographing food goes, too; just based solely on the cupcake pictures, I didn't get a chance to look through many more. :-)


hi redlygal!wow and a big thank you for all the wonderful comments!!! i am new to all the blogging stuff - i started it because i got tired of email pics of my creations to all my friends and family. LOL! i dont have any training in baking, i am self taught and i like to track my progress by taking pics and commenting about various recipes.

the recipe that i used for the gingerbread with the stout can be found here:http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/107331

good luck and enjoy! let me know if you try it out and how you like it!


Calls for Guinness beer? REALLY? It sounds so interesting - would you share the recipe??
I went to culinary school in SF and now live in Phoenix, AZ. Unfortunately I'm not at a job where I can cook and just have to do it whenever I have the money to splurge at home and try new baking recipes. Also an unfortunate fact: I never tried that place in the ferry building! I did, however, find a bakery I loved to visit on Clement street called Schubert's. It was right next to my favorite dim sum spot.
Do you mind if I added you to my neighborhood? If you cook frequently and post about it, I'd LOVE to read what you have to say, and especially love seeing the pictures you post of the foods. :-)

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