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Excellent ... off I go to explore ... thanks for the tip!


go here for inspiration... you will love it! you have to sign up (its free) to look at the pics.....cakecentral.com


Heh, I think you are way beyond a Wilton class. :) But I really enjoyed them. I actually took the three courses while I was laid off ... figured I might as well spend my dwindlin money on learning something fun! It was a good experience, and I get many compliments on the cakes I make (although I haven't made a fancy one in a couple of years). Just today I was asked to make a baby shower cake, and I am scouring the Internet for decorating ideas ... got any? :)


redlygal: you should go for it! i posted the fondant recipe and its pretty easy to make... you can make all kinds of cute things... a lot of people use a PlayDough machine to make stuff!


I was wondering, how are those wilton classes? are they worth it?? i've never taken one because by the time i bought all the stuff it would have cost me $70 so i figured i would just learn on my own...


[this is good] I love these flowers! And count me in on the fondant recipe request. I've only used fondant during the 3rd Wilton course, and the Wilton fondant does not taste so great ...


[this is good] Those are beautiful, I love them! It makes me want to make fondant, do you have a good recipe or a site that you like to use for this kind of thing?


I love the two-tone pansy. Nicely done!


SO cute! i love them


They're adorable! What cute little toppers for cupcakes and treats. I've never made fondant, but I supposed I should some time just to play with it and try to mold and sculpt things. I'm totally artsy and detail oriented, so I might use a press, I might just try to make crazy things on my own.

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