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hi kristine,thanks for the kind comments! i was so lucky to find the little leaves! the cake decorating store i was at had all these little packages made up with different candy sprinkles and the leaves were only $1.25! I ended up using them on some gingerbread cupcakes that i made over the weekend!


[this is good] Wow... these are so cute!


I can tell you have a very steady hand, Anna. Does your hand ever cramp up? My right hand hurt for a couple of days after making the rubber ducky cake with all the bubbles on it.


The brown leaf stem design is just done with some brown icing piped on after the other icing has set up a bit. The same thing with the pumpkin curlique, except i used the green icing there... you can totally do it!


Here is the recipe that i use for the sugar cookies (there is brandy in the recipe!) and i've also included a link for the glace recipe!




these are awesome! would you mind sharing how you decorated them? i'm curious as to how youdid the brown leaf stem design and the pumpkin curlique


[this is good] Oh my gosh, these are so friggin' cute. I totally want to try this. Would you mind posting the recipe or messaging me with it for the glace+cookies?? They're ADORABLE! These would be perfect treats to bring to work, or give to my friendly orthodontist's office.
I'd appreciate it beyond belief - I hate my current sugar cookie recipe, and yours always look so perfect.
BUT hey, if you're guarded about your perfect recipes, I'd perfectly understand. 3 If that's the case, lemme know HOW you did this.


[this is good] My favorite part is the green curlicue on the pumpkin. The mark of a true artist is a perfect curlicue, I say!


I love this time of year as well.And those cookies look delish!!


I haven't seen leaf sprinkles! I would get them immediately if I did.
Beautiful leaf cookies.


More beautifulcookies I love how you made the marbled effect on the leaf with red and yellow.
I am SUCH a fan of candy sprinkles for different holidays - i have 3 or 4 or 5 containers with different sprinkles for diff holidays, but no halloween or fall ones yet!

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