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Goodies By Anna

hi maggie,
i use a recipe made by Ginger Art on gingerbreadexchange.com. Its called construction grade gingerbread dough. You have to create a login and password in order to use the site but there are lots of gingerbread house templates and other useful info that make it worthwile.

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Hi just wondering what recipe you use for the gingerbread

Goodies By Anna

sorry, my dad made the template but we used this house as the reference, hope this helps!

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Do you have the template available somewhere? I would love to make this it's a fantastic design.



Goodies By Anna

holy crap, LOL! Thanks! :-)

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holy crap, that's amazing!!!

Goodies By Anna

thanks D! :-)

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Goodies By Anna

thanks rosie!

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Amazinggg!! I love it. Thank you for sharing how you did it. This really is a labor of love, no kidding. I bow my head to you.
Thank you!

donna demarest

Wowza! Anna does it again with another charming and fab gingerbread house!! Love the amber windows and the piping work is amazing!

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